Gulf Coast Pediatric Care is a Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care facility (PPEC), that provides physician ordered multi-disciplinary day care to medically fragile and/or technology-dependent children, infancy to age 21, who have complex medical conditions requiring continual, professional skilled nursing care.

Our focus is to provide maximum early intervention to prepare children with medically complex needs for school and other life situations. We provide care for up to 10 hours a day which includes learning through play and socialization to develop skills needed to ensure proper growth and development.

Upon admission to GCPC an individualized "plan of care" will be developed for each child specifying the treatment plan necessary to accommodate the medical, nursing, psychosocial, and educational needs of the child as well as the family. Specific goals will be identified and plans for achieving these goals will be determined.

Our skilled pediatric nurses provide constant assessment and needed care of each child which enables our trained staff to recognize and report to your child's pediatrician any abnormal findings in an effort to prevent hospitalizations and future complications.

The parents and families of our patients are given the opportunity to return to work or school while resting assured that their child is receiving the best possible care from qualified pediatric nurses and staff. We give parents the "peace of mind" knowing that their child is getting the special care they require.

what is a ppec?


A doctor's prescribed order for our services is required. Your child's care may be covered by your insurance if their medical condition requires the skills of a nurse. Our highly skilled staff will assess your child for eligibility and coordinate with your child's physician and insurance case manager to complete the approval process. GCPC accepts all Mississippi Medicaid Payers.

In order to qualify for admission to our PPEC, a child must:
  1. Be medically complex or fragile and/or technologically dependent.
  2. Have a referral from his/her doctor.
  3. Be medically stable (not in need of immediate hospital care).
  4. Be appropriate for outpatient care.
  5. Require skilled nursing care.
  6. Present no significant risk of infection to other children or personnel.

I wouldn’t know what to do without Gulf Coast Pediatric Care. My special needs twin girls get more love and care from the nurses and staff here than I could ever wish for! They are on top of all of their individual needs and we love them!!! 

Meghan Garriga

There is not another place I would rather my daughter go then Gulf Coast Pediatric Care Center. Anyone that has a special needs child knows how difficult it is to find anyone or anyplace to trust enough to leave their child with. This is that place! It’s like a huge family and that is all I could ever ask for. Every single person at GCPCC is patient, loving, professional, and compassionate. The level of understanding exceeds my expectations, and I am grateful every day my daughter has a place of comfort for her therapy and care. We love our transportation crew, and we look forward to their smiling faces and sweet greetings. Thanks to everyone at GCPCC! 

Amber Graham

I know in my heart that every single person there cares for and loves Bailey along with every other child that attends as their own. I love that she receives therapy every week. I love that her little world has opened up. Where it was just us and our family, Bailey now has friends and some that we consider family outside of ourselves. You just can’t replace or match the care that she receives there with anywhere else, and I would never be comfortable with her going anywhere else. Because of GCPC, her opportunities are endless, and because of that, as are mine. 

Emily Hammond

Every opportunity I get I tell a mom about this place because I know how much It helped me. You got some Parents with special needs kids who aren't so willing to allow someone to help or trust them with their child. You be so used to doing it yourself. I was that parent!! However, to truly grasp that you could really be tag teaming with this nursing staff to make sure your child is getting quality care they need makes life so much easier. And because of that I make sure I let them know the Woods Crew appreciate them!

Tiffany Woods